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Bathroom Plumbing

D&L Plumbing performs full-service bathroom plumbing residents can count on for a functional, trouble free bathroom. Even the homeowners who are very contentious about home maintenance and repairs can experience clogged toilets and slow drains. Everyday use of typical bathing products, hair from showering, and soap scum causes buildup and clogged pipes. Should your home experience a backed-up shower drain, clogged toilet, or a leaking pipe, D&L Plumbing is here to help.

Kitchen Plumbingkitchen-plumbing

The center of the home is the kitchen. It is also where the heaviest plumbing is in use. The kitchen sink is being used continually to wash hands, dishes and all sorts of things. If something goes wrong in the kitchen, it needs to be fixed fast.  Is your garbage disposal leaking? Is your kitchen sink draining slowly?

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