“Trusted by Ohio’s premier custom home builder for over 15 years”

Complete Plumbing Solutions

We have been solving Central Ohio’s plumbing since 1987. D&L Plumbing has over 200+ years of combined experience. We can solve your most complicated issues including:

  • Radiant heating design and installation
  • Design and build complicated drains, waste and vent systems
  • Installation of cast iron (the quiet pipe)
  • Intricate backflow system design and installation
  • Water treatment and diagnostics
  • Sewage lift station and repair
  • Water well pump installation
  • Licensed sewer service taps and installation
  • DOT gas service installation
  • Intricate hot water heater design and installation
  • Installation of electronic fixtures
  • Sump pump and battery backup installation and repair
  • Boiler and hydronic design and installation
  • Licensed water service taps and installation
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